About Flavbar

Journey through the exciting world of flavor. Buy straight from the creators. How real can a vape taste? The answer is FLAVBAR. Slim. Firm. Convenient. Carry on fulfill all day. NO Upkeep/Charging. FLAV BAR Flavors.

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Constantly, FLAV BAR is an advancing company of flavorist, engineers, designers, existing supply chain, customer service with business experts who imagined that unrestricted, simplistic in design, passive technology with sophisticate flavor are the true fundamentals to creating the first real alternative for mature smokers.

Flavbar – Setting the Bar. With over 100 years combined as flavorist we and from various parts of this country and the world we are uniquely qualified to take on the responsibility of creating the flavor you are hoping for with what you actually get. We all here at, Flavbar are proud and honored to say from each individual flavor and the components that make up FlavBar is the crowning achievement of ours careers. Not a single item was outsource. Paid and made by us. It was not easy but it was the right thing to do for ourselves and for you. Without that level of ownership we and no one else could guarantee this level of quality and sophistication. Which brings us to our next point. No one else has been able to do this.